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Personal Summary

Full Name: Mboniseni Nkanyiso Mthembu

From: Eshowe, KZN, South Africa

Current Location: JHB, Gauteng, SA

Occupation: Singer, Songwriter

Instruments: Vocals


Nailler was born in Eshowe a small town located under the KwaZulu Natal province in South Africa. He was raised in Mvuzane which is a rural area in the village called “Nkunzempunga” a village under King Bhekabelungu Biyela's kingdom. He spent most of his upbringing there in Mvuzane which he calls it "Mz or Mzbee", Mzbee which is a portmanteau of Mvuzane, and B from the word Born, he then concatenated these three letters to create a single word Mzb with the addition of two letter "E"s at the end of the word which is the word he uses it to clarify where he comes from and this name can be heard in most of his songs, quote from his song titled For Myself,
" Thank God I'm from Mvuzane , I call it Mzbee ".

He left Mzbee while he was doing grade 9 in Hhashi High School at the age of 16 to live with his Aunt in Eshowe Township after his "BIG" family split and relocated. He said, ''Growing up in Mzbee was very hard for him just because he had no one to look after him so herding cows, fishing and playing soccer is all he knew''. He then finished his Matriculation at King Zwelithini High at Eshowe in 2012 to study at the Durban University of Technology then graduated in 2016.

He stated that although he did not notice it back then but he think his love for music started while he was very young and Kwaito was the only music he wanted to do . ''So as I moved from Mzbee villages to Eshowe I said to myself I’m going to be a kwaito star one day and this is my chance, just because I’ve heard that at Eshowe there were a lot of kwaito artists there but when I got there I ended up meeting none''.

While living in Eshowe, other than maskandi music he become exposed to various music genres such as rap, Katsi Rap / Gangsta Rap, Hip Hop, and later he got used to RnB and hip hop music so Kanye West, Common , Nelly, Ludacris, B.o.B and Drake to name the few are one of the artists that influenced him the most when it comes to his style of music.

Nailler spent most of his time listening to all those artists mentioned above, in order to teach himself to write songs in English and in a professional way so he started spending time with his dictionary and listening to their music, until this day he has never looked back then decided to put his kwaito ways on hold, although he says all of his kwaito songs he wrote are still there filed on his shelves, just because he may never know when he might need them. He then said kwaito legends such as Zola, Kabelo, Brickz inspired him back at the time and also the young Msawawa was his massive influence ." I remember one day Msawawa was playing on the radio I said to myself one day it will be me, I'll be coming for msawawa's throne , because he was considered the prince of kwaito at the time and everybody liked him including me I was his biggest fan".  

He said it's funny that he did not want to be a kwaito artist anymore as he grew up just because he knew he could be anything he wants to be. His friends started calling him Nailler in his first year he got enrolled into varsity(DUT), he said at first he didn't like the name but he constantly became more popular because of that name, they said they call him nailler because they thougt he was good at everything he does especially in class he was nailing every subject and every test in front of him and so he was named Nailler.



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nailler nailer naillor nailor
nailler nailer naillor nailor


nailler nailer naillor nailor nailler nailer naillor nailor
nailler nailer naillor nailor



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